How much does your service cost?

The short and sweet answer is, Bookkeeping for Truckers bills are clients at a rate of $50/hour. What does this mean to you? Every company and every drivers situation is different, so obviously some businesses need more work then others.

Similar to your cable or your cell phone bill, we sit down with our clients and calculate a small, affordable monthly-rate that makes financial sense for our drivers situation.

Should you incorporate your business?

Your business may benefit from the “limited liability” or possible tax savings. But, it’s your business and you are responsible for its success or failure.

Does BFT outsource any of the services?

No, the full range of BFT’s bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation services are done in-house. Any changes or eliminations you deem necessary can be done at a moment’s notice. Our services reflect information accurately, completely, and consistently throughout all of its applications, and it is done so in a timely fashion.

When are estimated taxes due?

April 15
June 15
September 15
January 15

Are you prepared for the taxman’s coming?

One of the most important functions of business records is to prepare you (or your accountant) for filing. BFT is here to help you. What we do best is provide a full range of fast, efficient and cost effective book-keeping services.

Do you have a good records managements system in place?

Any records and underlying documentation, such as invoices or receipts, relevant to your tax return should be stored for at least three years. BFT can make sure your records are easily identifiable and accessible, and kept well-organized.

Is your record keeping system simple to use or do you need a PHD?

If it’s too complicated, it might be neglected, defeating its purpose; you don’t want to base important business decisions on partial or outdated information. If you can’t comprehend the data that your record-keeping system provides, you might ignore their implications. Remember, it’s your business and you are responsible for its success or failure.