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Helping Truck Drivers To Become A More Profitable Business

Are you paying more taxes than legally required? We can help you take control of your business TODAY!

Digital Filing System

We create for you the most comprehensive Digital Filing System available, transforming your paper files into a organized online system that is – easy to find, use, and share.

Expesense Tracking

Leave all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending for you. Make smart business decisions by improving your knowledge of your profits and losses by knowing where every dime goes.

Tax Preparation

Get Every Dollar You Deserve! Our tax professionals go through extensive training and use the latest technology to make sure your get the biggest tax refund you qualify for.

Testimonials from Current Clients

Common Mistakes From Truck Drivers

  • Most drivers wait until tax season to file their taxes instead of calculating and paying taxes quarterly (like most businesses).
  • Most drivers don't have an efficient bookkeeping system. Instead of storing years of DOT forms, road expenses, and previous year tax returns, many drivers’ entire bookkeeping system consist of saving a “few“ receipts in a box and ignoring DOT logs.
  • All drivers spend thousands of dollars on business expenses each month but have LITTLE to NO knowledge of the breakdown of those expenses. Without fully calculating, tracking and deducting those expenses, many drivers are overpaying on taxes.

What We Do To Solve Common Mistakes

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